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USD Rally – On Fed’s Meeting
By Louise Doan

As Fed Chair Janet stated the Federal Reserve will look end the massive bond-buying program as early as fall 2014, also we could begin to see raise of interest rates about six months after. Yellen taking a more aggressive stance and moving the timeline forward for the higher rates, more than most investors… READ FULL ARTICLE

Forex – Can You Afford To Invest
By Aaron T. Stein

The volatile nature of forex market always puzzles the investors, and they remain preoccupied with heir guess work and prevailing opportunities. If you are planning to invest in forex market, you might also be thinking whether you should invest in forex or try your luck somewhere else. Over the past… READ FULL ARTICLE

Leading Forex Currencies
By Louise Doan

The Foreign Exchange Market able exist simply because multi-national corporations, companies, businesses organizations and of many nations countries need to buy and sell off goods or services from external sources and suppliers. To accomplish this, they need to exchange or swap their domestic currency with that of another country. As you are probably aware of already, not all currencies hold the same exact buying power; therefore nations, banks and corporations swap/exchange their capital with another just as tourists do when traveling abroad in foreign countries. Similar concept, just a LOT greater scale!
In fact, the Forex is truly the single largest… READ FULL ARTICLE

USDCAD – Locked In Range
By Louise Doan

The USDCAD pair continues to dull this week, as it remains in tight trading range of mid 1.0900 early in the North American session, the Canadian International Securities Transaction declined for the first time in 6 months, while the US Empire State Manufacturing Index also declined negatively for January and was… READ FULL ARTICLE

USDCAD – Steady Taper & On Course Budget
By Louise Doan

As the Loonie continues trade with limited movements this week, the USDCAD pair continues to trade mid-1.1000 range early in session. The economic news release today has been the Fed chief Janet Yellen testifying for Congress the Fed’s development of action plan to continue tapering its QE, while the US JOLTS Jobs Openings posted for January at 3390 vs. 3980 expected. Later today we…. READ FULL ARTICLE

Soft Housing Starts – Canada
By Louise Doan

Today Canada’s January figure release for Housing Starts came in short of expectation at 180.2K vs 185.0K, Decembers data was revised from 189.7K to 187.1K, Canada is showing a decline from month to month along with other discouraging figures posted already for 2014, contributing a negative effects on the Canadian economy, and the CAD dollar runs a downside risk moving forward.
The Feds have taken actions to end the QE3 movement by year end, supporting the USD with continual streng… READ FULL ARTICLE

Impressive Ivey PMI
By Louise Doan

Canadian Loonie making an impressive comeback of 25 pips almost recovering almost all loss prior against the Greenback, after January’s Ivey Purchasing Managers Index posted at 56.8 vs. 51.0 expected.

Any indication over 50.0 shows an expansion in the economics activities, the reading of 56.80 is quiet an exciting impact compared to December’s figures posting only at 46.3 level.

Last October the Bank of Canada lowered its growth forecast for 2014 from 2.7% to 2.3%, and statement released in… READ FULL ARTICLE

EURO – 10 Week Low
By Louise Doan

The Euro was almost breaches the 10-week low, about 0.3% shy away, as the ECB will likely hold the benchmark of interest rate at .25%, for its meeting later today. The economy is facing slowing inflations.

The Euro-Zone Consumer Price Growth slowed pace in January matching the least since 2009 November. During early January’s policy meeting, President Mario Draghi stated in dovish language the ECB would maintain mandatory measurements for as long as needed.

Data release showed that the Retails Sales in the Euro-Zone dipped 0.7 percent during December, after it rose 1.4 percent for November, which was the largest increase of 12 years… READ FULL ARTICLE

UK PMI – Highest Since 2007
By Louise Doan

UK’s January’s Construction PMI coming in at 64.6 beating expectation of 61.5, confirming strong growth trajectory. Housing construction activity rose to the greatest levels in over 10 years, and job creation in the sector is still going strong.
Headline index posted growth in all 3 of sectors of construction, commercial, residential, and civil engineering… READ FULL ARTICLE

Are Psychiatrists Better Traders Than Economists?
By Jessica Wang

It should be noted that millionaire of great traders, Williams and Elder are in fact professional psychiatrists. And it is not accidental that not the economists are the leaders and most successful traders, but professional psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Think about it. You will become a successful trader when you understand why it happens in the world of Forex. You will understand what your Forex mistakes are, and why you are making those mistakes. And when you correct these mistakes you will become a successful trader who has no psychological barriers and obstacles on his/her way to better earnings in the Forex market.

Why do the psychiatrists make better traders than economists who, as one would think, have the Forex market at their fingertips?
The economists are confused by the fact that exchange rates are not always related directly to the economic… READ FULL ARTICLE

Soft China Manufacturing Sector
By Louise Doan

Survey of factory purchasing managers have release data confirming world’s No. 2 economy is slowing, the Chinese manufacturing sectors have soften this month for the first time in 6 months.
The purchasing manager’s index came in at 49.5 vs. 50.5 for December a reading on this scale reads anything 50 and under indicates signs of deterioration of business conditions, for Chinas massive manufacturing industry weakness in the factory sector for output of new businesses, this January’s reading level has been the lowest since July 2013.
A soft start for Chinas manufacturing sector for 2014, partially be blamed on weaker new exports orders as well the… READ FULL ARTICLE

Farewell Bernanke
By Louise Doan

Final policy meeting for Chairman Bernanke prior exiting his term, as we wonder what will his last commands be for his legacy, many expect a smooth transition for Janet Yellen to continue the agendas, the highly anticipation QE tapers and the after effects, will the Feds increase stimulus or maintain the steady pace buying back 10 billion, this has many traders nervously waiting.
December’s horrible jobs reports possibly… READ FULL ARTICLE

Round 2 – Taper
By Louise Doan

Mounting speculations after comments from various public officials, we could see the next round of bond-buying from the Federal Reserve; despite disappoint job figures from December. The sluggish employment report has not deterred expectations of the Feds, as the US economy continual its progressive stance rolling-out strong economic data for growth this year.
The previous taper set at $75 billion each… READ FULL ARTICLE

Bank of Canada – Interest Rates Steady at 1%
By Louise Doan

As many predicted the interest rate is kept at 1%, while the US economy grows lending Canada a helping hand to our nation’s exporter industry, Canada will continual to maintain a low inflation rates for a few more years. Inflation rates moved below the central bank’s 2% target in the last 3 previous months, along with high unemployed, the economy is not performing at full potential.
As the Canadian dollar soften to about .91 ce… READ FULL ARTICLE

Canadian Dollar Hits 4-Year Low
By Louise Doan

The Loonie soften to $1.10 against the Greenback for the first time in over four years amidst the ongoing fuelling speculation from the Federal Reserve of possibly tapering its monetary stimulus yet again, while the Bank of Canada setting signals of rate reductions which might be reality of the near future for Canada… READ FULL ARTICLE

Deutsche Bank Investigated For FX Manipulation
By Louise Doan

As investigation intensify at Germany’s Deutsche Bank, watch dogs are looking for evidence of possible currency manipulation of foreign exchange rates, and only know as a special investigation, by magazine Der Spiegel.
The special investigation probe would be in the hands of by top of regulator Bafin’s priority agenda leading to… READ FULL ARTICLE

Solid – US Retail Sales
By Clark Grant

As expected the USD Advance Retail Sales came in at 0.2%. The Core Sales surpass prediction at 0.4% and coming in stronger at 0.7%. However the US economy has been rolling out major positive news, despite that the previous figures have been adjusted to the lower side: the November Sales manage to rise by only 0.4% even though 0.7% was first reported and for Core Sales only by 0.1% while initially reported at 0.4%. The US… CONTINUE READING

USDCAD – Where Do We Stand
By Louise Doan

Investor were blindsided by Friday’s release to employment figures, the softest data in 3 years. The US nonfarm payrolls came in at 74K way under expected of 197K, markets seem to digest and settled down yesterday, we could now expect the Federal Reserve to tighten up the reign and proceed with caution… CONTINUE READING

ALL HAIL – Janet Yellen
By Louise Doan

The world a waits newly appointed chairwoman of the Federal Reserve; first time in 100 year history we have a woman leading the country’s central bank.

Winning votes 56-26, 11 supported votes from the Republicans and among the first of Obama nominees… CONTINUE READING

Euro Decline’s On Draghi’s Speech
By Louise Doan

ECB leaves rates unchanged; the Central Bank president Mr. Drahghi read his policy and statement going over recent price levels of the CPI figures from Euro-Zone which has been overall disappointing. The president later commented that December’s inflation data from German distorted the EUR figures. The central bank recapped several times they would take action if the Euro-Zone inflations numbers would become worst. Negative deposit facility and lower interest would remain as options. Draghi’s firm statement the central bank would intervene and use all readily available… CONTINUE READING

The Currency Wars – Unfolded
By Clark Grant

Strange as it many sound, some public members of society and even Forex traders will try to depress their currencies and intervene into the markets in strategies of devaluing a currency. Why is this so? Simply because in times of recession devaluation of a currency will become a weapon that will help provide a competitive advantage and stimulate economic growth of a nation, other countries will mostly jump on board to counter this effect, leading to the beginning of a currency war. Other countries will strive to keep the value of… CONTINUE READING

10 BILLION TAPERING – Has begun!

Just in the Federal Reserve they kept interest rates at current levels and set to taper $10 billion this month, MBS and Treasuries $5 billion on each class of assets. Market analysis was mixed towards the December tapering decision with no specific policy enacted. Mixed decisions were tossed around some saw bond reduction while others expected a start of Tapering aka “Dectaper”. This effect will result in the first steps to higher interest rates for the US, if they keep the tapering constant and the stimulus program will be closed out by 2014 midyear… CONTINUE READING

Loonie Poised To Soften in 2014

Goldman Sachs Recommends Shorting The Loonie

“Significant external imbalances have built up in the Canadian economy,” Goldman stated, in 2008, current account balances fell from a surplus 1% of GDP to a deficit of -3%, and has stabilized at this level since. Manufacturing exports fell… CONTINUE READING

Is Your Currency Worthless?

Some give away signs you are holding on to worthless foreign currency…

Any banknote of lower value that has been altered to look like a higher value banknote, always compare a suspected note to a good one for references… CONTINUE READING

Stock Market Risk Free Investment Strategies

Living the fast life or simply making sure that our family is financially free, these are the things we all want. To be able to get that new car we dream about but think we will never be able to get.

These are just some of the reasons people invest in the stock market, they see a bright future for themselves. We all see the people that have been investing in the stock market and have been making a lot of money and we want to be part of that… CONTINUE READING

Reasons To Own Gold

The aspect of gold has been interwoven in society’s economies for centuries and across many nations. It has become the epitome of value and a standard for the currency to stand by. However, with US dollars and Euro dollars showing a quick decline in value, there may be some beneficial reasons for going… CONTINUE READING

The Best Ways To Invest In Gold

Gold has always been the ultimate hedge investment, whether it’s through possession of gold itself, stock in gold mining, or having mutual funds. It has always been the best counter to the dollar as the value of the US dollars falls, then the… CONTINUE READING

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Backing US Dollars with Gold

The gold standard was once the pinnacle of the economy and trade for centuries. It was an easy substance… CONTINUE READING

How Imperative Is Revaluation Of Iraqi Dinar?

After the execution of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Iraq printed new Dinar with an aim to coalesce the two different currencies of the North and the South part of country. Now, Iraq has one and… CONTINUE READING

With an announcement of Gold Black Currency for Global Trade, China Made A Move To Collapse USD

The People’s Bank of China which is an apex bank of the People’s Republic of China has already abridged its possessions of the United States treasuries below than those possessed by Japan. And more recently in the year 2009, it proclaimed a change in its gold reserves along with the declaration of 76% hike… CONTINUE READING

Iraqi Dinar Scam- A Fact or Itself A Rumor

The Central Bank of Iraq’s attempt to rub three zeros out of Iraqi currency has concerned Iraqi public and divided Iraqi economists. Some people are in favor of this project while the others find it a good opportunity to cut the inflation and unemployment. Besides, others foreshadow economic alarms that may triumph… CONTINUE READING