Online Booking

Online Booking

Request For Currency

Travelers are able to save a considerable amount of time by using our Online Booking services. This ensures you that your currency is ready and reserved at your chosen branch.

Important Info
  • All orders made on this site are reserved for in store pick up only. Unfortunately, we do not accept any payment online
  • Due to limited quantities, we can only reserve online orders for up to 4 business days (from date of pickup confirmation), unless otherwise arranged. Thanks for understanding.

How does this work?
Our online booking system works as an order and reserve service, all completed orders are reserved in store for pick up. We do not ship items nor do we accept payment online (for the time being). The main purpose of this system is to provide customers with quick access to currency listings and reserve currency(s) by submitting a request online.

I can’t find the currency I’m looking for
Most likely it’s because we don’t offer that currency. Contact us directly or visit us in store for more information.

What is the method of payment?
We accept cash and debit Interac in store. We do not accept payments online (for the time being).

Do you deliver or mail?
Unfortunately, all currencies are pickup only.

Do you buy back currencies?
We do. Contact us directly for a quote but keep in mind that all quoted exchange rates are subject to change unless otherwise stated.


If your question isn’t answered here please give us a call during business hours or you can send us a message at 647-794-8474 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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